The paintings are always rooted in something specific. They often start with my fascination of a certain image from the natural world: the crooked line of a particular branch, the strong contrast of lights as a storm approaches from across the sea, the deepening color in the alley outside my studio window during evening in the winter.

Most of these paintings were painted ‘en plein air’, that is, on site in the landscape. Others were created in the studio by using the on-site field studies as reference. And while the paintings always maintain their ties to their initial natural inspirations, they also develop into explorations of formal relationships: of shapes, value, colors, lines, edges, and textures.

I am inspired by the profound and infinite beauty in the natural world. I am inspired by the concrete experiences of what materials are and can do. In my work, I am interested in the convergence of the profound and the concrete.

I completed my undergraduate work at the San Francisco Art Institute and my graduate work at the University of Chicago. I still regard my instructors at SFAI, and their Bay Area Abstract Expressionist predecessors, as some of my most significant influences.

I learned to love materials, surface, and the process of making when I was at SFAI. U of C taught me to analyze, to reflect, and to think about those processes.

In recent years I’ve sought to expand my ideas and knowledge of working methods through professional workshops at places like R&F Encaustics, the Scottsdale Artist’s School, and the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago.

Over the years I’ve experimented in all sorts of disciplines such as fiber, sculpture, and metals. But I always return to paint, maybe because of its wonderful tactile qualities, or maybe because of its ability to capture such disparate qualities as a delicate, vaporous atmosphere, or a the massive solidity of the land, or maybe, because there is nothing quite like the smell of oil paint.

I split my time between Taos and Chicago, and have taught various 2D/3D/ Drawing and the occasional conceptually oriented course at a design college in Chicago. My work is represented in various private, college, and corporate collections throughout the country.

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